Waterpower Day

Waterpower Day is celebrated on June 20th and was established to recognize the history and importance of waterpower in Ontario as well as the role it continues to play more than 100 years after the first waterpower facility came online. June 20th was selected for Waterpower Day in recognition of Sir Adam Beck (born June 20, 1857), a Canadian politician and waterpower advocate who founded the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario.


Celebrate on Social Media - June 20, 2024

The OWA invites individuals and companies to celebrate Waterpower Day on social media – June 20th, 2024. When posting, please be sure to tag the OWA and use the hashtag #WaterpowerDay. The OWA has developed a toolkit to make it easier for you to celebrate the day. Download the toolkit below.

Quick Messaging and Graphics

Message: Waterpower Day is less than a month away! Celebrate made-in-Ontario waterpower with us and the Ontario Waterpower Association. #WaterpowerDay

More details here: https://bit.ly/3QPVlRl

Message: Waterpower is the backbone of the renewable energy sector. It is a full service technology – contributing capacity, energy and to meeting peak electricity demands. As decarbonization and electrification increase, flexible waterpower will play an even more important role in integrating other renewable resources. Happy #WaterpowerDay! https://bit.ly/3QPVlRl

Message: Today is #WaterpowerDay! Did you know Ontario will have to double its installed capacity of 40,000 MW of electricity generation by 2050? Investing in waterpower can help meet system needs and provide significant local, regional, and provincial socio-economic benefits for communities. Waterpower is the way and the time to invest is now. https://bit.ly/47OjNs4

Message: Happy #WaterpowerDay! Did you know that waterpower facilities are perpetual assets? In fact, dozens of waterpower facilities across Ontario are 100+ years young. https://bit.ly/3QPVlRl

Message: Today we celebrate #WaterpowerDay! The province of Ontario benefits from one of the cleanest electricity grids in the world thanks to affordable, reliable, and sustainable waterpower generation. In fact, 25% of our energy comes from waterpower – now that’s something to celebrate!

Watch and share our “Celebrate Waterpower Day” video.

More About Waterpower Day

Waterpower Day Act, 2024

On March 27, 2024, Algoma-Manitoulin MPP, Michael Mantha introduced the Waterpower Day Act, 2024. The bill, if passed, will proclaim June 20 “Waterpower Day” to acknowledge the pivotal role waterpower has held in Ontario’s past and the many opportunities for waterpower to shape the province’s clean energy future. Read the press release here…

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