Community Champions

What is a Waterpower Champion?

In 2019, the Ontario Waterpower Association launched the “Waterpower Champions” initiative with the aim of building and establishing support from local municipalities for new waterpower projects and existing waterpower facilities. These communities play a crucial role in shaping electricity policy decisions, and as a part of OWA’s advocacy, we are committed to both informing and involving our Champions in all aspects pertaining to waterpower.

Current Waterpower Champions

The initiative currently has 18 municipalities from across Ontario and 3 associations (Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association (NOMA), Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities (FONOM), and Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) that have signed on to be a Waterpower Champion.

How to become a Waterpower Champion?

You and/or your municipality can become a Waterpower Champion by proclaiming Waterpower Day on June 20th and/ or signing the Ontario Waterpower Champions Charter. The charter focuses on a commitment to expand local waterpower, support historical infrastructure and refurbishment opportunities, conserve and enhance man-made and natural environments, and emphasizes the importance of listening to all voices at the community level when it comes to collaborating on new projects.

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