Waterpower Project Expansion Completed in Elora

OWA celebrates official Grand Opening of the Elora Generating Station
(June 22nd – Elora, ON) The Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) congratulates Shaman Power Corporation on the completion of the Elora Generation Station. OWA, community supporters and industry partners joined in on the celebration of the grand opening of the facility on Friday June 22nd, 2018 in Elora Ontario. This upgraded facility will supply renewable reliable energy to the local grid for decades to come.
“Shaman Power Corporation has done an excellent job in the completion of this project,” said Paul Norris, President of Ontario Waterpower Association. “This is a great example of the opportunities that exist across the province to expand the contribution of waterpower to provide economic, environmental and renewable energy benefits for present and future generations”.

The 1 megawatt (MW) Elora hydroelectric facility, located on the south bank of the Grand River in Wellington County, achieved commercial operation in May of 2017. Since the 1850s, water has powered mills and factories on both sides of the river in Elora. The badly deteriorated Drimmie Dam was reconstructed by the Grand River Conservation Authority in 2014.
The run-of-river facility took advantage of the rebuilt Drimmie Dam. The project is located where a 1911 power plant was situated and was built using the footprint of the old structures, such as the canal and powerhouse building. The powerhouse contains a single crossflow turbine-generator unit supplied by OWA member, Ossberger Hydro Inc. The unit is able to operate from 5% to 100% of its total capacity, which results in higher annual energy production given the wide fluctuations in river flow over the course of a calendar year.
“Shaman Power is proud to bring this significant green energy project to reality and to have it included as an important component of the overall Elora Mill project,” said Aaron Ciancone, President/Owner of Pearle Hospitality. “It offers an opportunity for the many visitors coming to Elora to learn about hydro generation and its long term benefits to this Province.”
For more information on Shaman Power Corporation, visit: www.shamanpower.com
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